Welcome to Sheridan White Rock
Sheridan White Rock, Inc. is a second-generation family business that has been mining a milky white quartz aggregate at its location near Sheridan, Arkansas for over forty years. Our goal is to continue our longstanding tradition of providing qualitiy materials and superior service to our customers.

Sheridan White Rock, Inc. offers aggregates for landscaping and architectural materials. Most sizes larger than 1/2" are available in bulk at our quarry site, or, for your convenience, in fifty pound bags at our bagging facility in Sheridan.

Additionally, we offer a variety of speciality materials, typically smaller than 3/8" in size. These materials are produced for use in epoxy decking, urethane decking, pool plastering, concrete resurfacing, and similar applications. Our speciality products are shipped from the warehouse in pallet quantities of 56 fifty pound bags for a net rock weight of 2800 pounds per skid.

For more information, quotes, or samples, please contact us.